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Powercom Ups

We have stayed at the forefront of production technologies with power solutions designed exclusively for modern manufacturing’s that helps you for the improvement of your business. There is no greater accomplishment than having a reliable technology from the finest quality source.   ECM Powercom ONL SeriesUNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY (UPS)UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY (UPS)

La San Marco Espresso Machine

La San Marco’s winning card has always been renowned performance of its products. It is a pre-eminent position achieved thanks to a costant commitment to research for perfection, with the objective of proposing on the market increase-ingly evolved and competitive espresso machines. Beautifully designed cases, for higher quality, long life components, and for good workmanship and maintainability….


LG commercial solutions utilize the most advanced technologies available today to help your organization stay competitive. Comprehensive and indispensable technology solutions with the latest digital solutions and features. Just get what is best ! [Not a valid template] Today, hotel televisions offer more than just a way to catch the evening news. With crystal-clear displays, interactive menus and fast…


Security is very essential to one’s business. Protecting the facility and assets from unauthorized person is an important part of any security system. In regard for that,AVC Technology understands your needs. That’s why we only bring what is great. We may be not the world’s number 1 but we are the best because we’ve got the best of qualities. ACUMEN is a brand of the products with…

Cash Registers

These made most of businessmen’s lives easy. Don’t be missed out with what technology could offer to your business. Pick the best quality and service. AVC Technology has it all. Let us give you a relief. Have a great peace of mind with our products. Choose from the items now and give us a call. We will give you a great deal! BMC ELECTRONIC CASH REGISTER PS 2000 TL+/EL+BMC ELECTRONIC CASH…

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